Smart Peak Flow privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how Smart Respiratory Products Ltd (33 Riding House Street, London, W1W 7DZ) collects, processes and uses data.

We do not ask for, have or store any personally identifiable information about you (name, email, phone number, etc.)

  • The Gender, Age and Height data you may provide for calculating your estimated peak flow rate is not saved by us

The types of data we do have access to:

  • Your personal best peak flow rate and reminder times are stored on your phone but not shared outside the app
  • The raw data generated by the Smart Peak Flow device is captured as a sound file from your microphone. This file is discarded after successful processing. Sound files that could not be processed by the app are forwarded to our servers so that we can analyse why the processing failed. After analysis they are discarded.
  • Peak flow rates calculated from the raw recordings and personal best percentages are saved on your phone to enable us to draw your charts. The same values are encrypted and synced to our secure cloud storage so that you can have access to them if you replace your phone.
  • Peak flow rates and personal best percentages stored in our secure cloud will be used for statistical analysis without knowledge of your identity.